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Diamonds are NOT a girl's BF in this town....poor nose...

Yes, this was a nose piercing. Sweet gal came in after having dealt with this keloid growing over several months. They had returned to the shop .....

several times but were trying to charge her to change the jewelry and help her with the piercing they already got paid for.

Here is what I took out:

So this is a push pin stud. I'm assuming the base is a titanium or sugical stainless steel. She was told she was buying all gold, although none of this jewelry is gold. The top looks like gold, but upon inspection it is a plated piece and you can see the tarnishing at the end of the pin, and the overall strength. of the metal was far too hard and not gold. My assumption is that it is a titanium anondized piece.

Push pins are all the rage for noses lately. Invariably, the posts that I pull out of the many, many clients I pull these from are too short. When posts are too short and there is swelling or just normal nose sizing for that client is mass heavy these posts are trash. You can see the massive keloiding that has been trying to grow over the top of the jewelry. In addition to the top keloid, there is also a massive keloid on the bottom side of the piercing.

But there's a secondary issue, possibly the more dangerous. That is metal toxicity.......

You cannot use plated or anondized jewelry for a fresh piercing. Not only is it against the law, it is toxic to our bodies. And our delicate body balance cannot deal with alloy materials, ie. bad the idea that you would add a chemical/alloy metal covering over the metal and stick it in a fresh pathway is INSANE.

In any case the idea that maybe using a post that is the correct metal/size, etc. and the top being a anondized or coated piece is a crapshoot for any piercing regardless.

I have seen cases where after several weeks of healing it was fine. In this particular piercing she could very well be having a reaction to the top of the jewelry as well.

I've got to say, I have been in this industry for so long, I have seen all the trends come and go.....I think it's great to be able to go in and get cute jewelry for your first piercing and I know in this world of Instagram and Tik Tok it seems like we should all be able to go overspend on jewelry that looks cute out the door. It seems as thought this trend is highly dangerous and getting more dangerous.

This shop continues unsafe piercing practices......but don't worry I got your highly unskilled and BG piercers backs.....and your clients after your screw them off :)

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