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Which one are you? Wind, fire, earth...definitely not water! Round 2 with the Septums!

So, we had another Septum grace our presence, courtesy of the shop down the street.....same type of problem.....AGAIN.

Listen, after 30 years in this industry I am blown away by where it is headed. The very dangerous trend of trying to do "cute" piercings are the idea that anybody can be a piercer in 6 months is so very dangerous and this state makes it even worse. I don't believe that people should even be able to "teach" or license people after only 5 years to begin with. This shop is churning out dangerous "piercers".

The client told us the chick that is the "stylist" at the shop did this piercing. She lost the follow through and through 3 different times placing larger and larger jewelry because it was up so high. It is way high and right through the cartilage. She wasn't even sure the person was a piercer......Here's the pics...

You can see that they opened up the horseshoe to alleviate the curvature ratio. But why they woudl EVER send a customer out the door with the jewelry like that is beyond me. I can't imagine what they paid for that janky piercing, but I bet it was over $100.

A decent website and lengthy gassy bios do NOT make them experienced or even good. Do not be fooled by someone calling themselves upper scale or boutique. This went through her cartilage, it was painful, wrong and plain dangerous and I would sue over it.

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