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Piercing Technique straight out of Medieval Times....

When I was apprenticing, as a teenager, the industry was domineered by crusty old white dudes. More often than not, the stereotypical felonious biker kind was spot on. Tattoo shops were the dangerous fringe world that Reaganites feared their teenage daughters might visit, or even worse; bring home to date. Body jewelry was as bulky as it's purveyor and you would never question your piercer, and Google Reviews didn't exist. Back then the only hope for an aspiring piercer was to either hope to make enough money as a Gypsy street piercer or get in with the big dudes in the shops......not great options.....I mean like....what else is there, work at Claire's or Mary Kay, lol....this was 30 years ago!

So the generations of what I like to call Biker piercers is finally coming to a close....finally! They have been retiring,.....or dying. But there are still a few hanging around, no doubt still spreading their poison of horrible biker technique to younger generations of would be "piercers".

SIDE NOTE:If you knew what the state of Arkansas requires to get licensed you would seriously be annoyed. Ask me, you wanna know.


This one place.....dude so much silliness over the years....but I think it's time to show some fun stuff.....


This was supposed to be a Belly Piercing........

The pic to the right here-------------------------->

comparison of path size to correct jewelry.

So here we have what is supposed to be a standard 14g belly piercing. Shown in the first pic is the piercing as it arrived to us. Has the original jewelry she was pierced with by the shop she went to originally. It is unclear if this is originally an eternity hoop that is just closed wonky or if it was an originally a CBR(Captive Bead Ring) that they maybe dropped the ball or gave up trying to enclose it correctly and just decided to close it up and get her out of the door; in any case it is closed off center- and shoddily.

The piercing is about 3 weeks old at this point. I would say we see this type of piercing coming out of this shop on a regular basis; once every two weeks at this point(at least). Usually it has the CBR in it with the ball intact though; but always a ring. The industry standard for belly piercing is a 14g CBB(Curved Barbell). You can see what the correct jewelry looks like next to this piercing.

In addition to incorrect and dated jewelry, this piercing was placed incorrectly and done far too deeply. The placement should be done utilizing the natural shelf of the abdomen skin into the umbilical scar. The natural fold of the skin ensures safety from piercing the abdominal wall. The chosen placement as shown here is basically a surface piercing and when done too deeply risks piercing the abdominal lining. Don't believe me? Read this doozy of a tale of a poor belly pierced dead man.....CLICK can be's dangerous, period. And, of course, it doesn't heal. She had to take it out.


The next is an example of Daith Piercing tragedy. I really don't understand those who pierce with hoops. I understand that some people prefer hoops, and some people don't have bad reactions from being pierced with hoops and all that.....but over 30 years and tens of thousands of piercings....let me tell you true, numbers don't is safer and quicker healing to pierce with curved barbells and straight posts. period, end of story, especially with cartilage.

And let me tell you, numbers definitely don't lie from the amount of piercings I fix on a daily from other shops, and this shop we are discussing today loves the hoops!

This young lady came in yesterday with another daith "gem" from the very unchilvalrous dudes she got this from! The correct jewelry would have been a 16g CBB(curved barbell). The extra weight and curvature of the CBR is prolly to blame for the keloiding on this month old piercing. It has started to migrate towards the edge and the keloiding had clear striping showing the migration path. We took it out as it had started to hurt her over the past couple days.

All I have to say is....I wish they would do better and care enough to update their skills for their customers sakes. The state is aware of these issues and yet does nothing. So educate yourselves and those you know. Much Love.

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