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You can't legally get a tattoo, but you can tattoo someone else! Septum highlight....

I find myself perpetually on a soap box regarding the ridiculousness of the State of Arkansas' Tattoo Department. It has definitely gotten worse and worse over the past recent years, but today I will highlight just one part of the insane nature of the law here and the Department of Health.

It didn't just start the other day; but what walked through our doors this past Sunday made me so upset I finally sat down to write about it.....

Young lady comes in and shows us a septum piercing that was done last week at a local shop that has been here for a very long time. Now, we ALL know the shop, either someone has their own horror story or knows a person that does. It's almost a right of passage for young women to be sexually harassed by it's owner if you are from this area. It's disgusting. Anyways.....

If you didn't catch that I don't know what to say....let's just say Bees worldwide are ashamed their good name has been so sullied....

There it is! Do you all like it? Do you love it? Well this awesome piercing job wasn't even a one stabber...oh no! There are two different stab pathways, the fact he didn't evaluate the first mistake and just went for it again and even lower! This poor gal bled through 3 paper towels and the pain is obvious. The owner did this.....the OWNER who TRAINS APPRENTICES. Let that sink in.

Now....the second part and actual main point of my rant....

This shop has a 14 year old tattooing and now piercing,having been trained by the above referenced owner. Don't believe me? Look at the google reviews! Yes, someone who can't get a tattoo herself and cannot be held CIVILLY LIABLE can screw up people's bodies! Last week we dealt with a horrible belly button from this little child. The State of Arkansas is licensing for a professional license that includes MEDICAL PROCEDURES little kids. I heard there is a 9 year old in the mix too.

I have tried contacting state reps to no avail. Please spread the word. This is too much y'all.

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