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Buzz upon a time....

One day a lovely young lady decided she wanted to get her first tattoo......She was off in her first year of college, for gosh sakes, of course it's time to get wild, right?!

So off she, and her young friends, go; steaming down the main road of the quirky little college town in Northwest Arkansas in search of the first tattoo studio that catches their eye. They soon came upon a nasty little shack on the side of the road with all the customary bikery looking accoutrement. It's almost like a rite of passage for young people in this town to have at least one gross experience with either this beehive of racist, biker losers, or a medievel hellhole(down the street) that loves to practice piercing tortures galore on unsuspecting young ladies.

No matter, I mean what do they know about tattoo shops? Isn't this what it's supposed to be like they wonder inside their heads.....No matter there's a dog in the salon, no matter that he keeps hitting on them and trying to get down their pants......No matter that he isn't wearing gloves while do their tattoos........WAIT WHAT?

Sooooooo, at this time my friends my mouth drops open and I stop these girls midsentence........

"You say no gloves?!!!!", I ask them aghast.

"Yes, no gloves. I didn't know what to do so I just tried to leave as quickly as possible. I think I have a pic of it, wanna see?", she responds.


Unfortunately most of the hand was cut off, but you can tell there's no gloves. This is disgusting. This is happening in our town. The state won't do ANYTHING about it. I've given up send stuff to them. BTW this guy has apprentices that he sexually harasses and doesn't teach ANYTHING to and takes their money; is THIS what he's teaching them?

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