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When Septum Piercing Goes Wrong: Lessons Learned from a Real-Life Case Study

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Let me start with saying I don't normally speak out regarding other shops, but this is not in their normal element. I will not drop names💎, but I am going to share the story behind another shop slandering my name. The following is an accounting of a bad septum piercing received by a young lady who came to my shop in desperation....

Evening time, fairly quiet after the New Year, I was thinking maybe we could cut early and get some extra family time when a young lady walked in my doors.

She was distraught and upset. She had a septum piercing that was two weeks old she informed me and done by a local shop. She was in constant pain and you could see the obvious signs of inflammation in her lower nose cartilage and there was dried blood on her nasal cavities.

She proceeded to tell me the saga of her nose piercing. She was lied down for AN HOUR with multiple instruments and jewelry used to try to complete the procedure. This is UNHEARD of, a septum piercing is not a long drawn out procedure, the setup takes longer than the piercing. She described and then showed me a VIDEO of the hour long situation. After the fiasco she endured the piercer gave her the piercing for FREE and called it good, lol.

Now let me explain the reality of what this girl endured. The piercing was done through her upper cartilage at 7/16" up in her cartilage, like WAY up there. This is why it has never healed, stopped bleeding and was still painful. After this screwup, they then put in a 5/16" clicker ring which was gold anondized.

Obviously, the placement was horrible, too high; but to squeeze a smaller ring was just ridiculous. On top of that, state law requires ATSM certified anondized pieces, which are titanium as well. The piece of jewelry was neither. A coated piece's finish comes off in the bloodstream and gives infections. Rookie move. Just because a piece of jewelry is cute doesn't mean it's safe for healing.

The young lady was in so much pain she wanted the piece taken out, but she couldn't get it out, so she came to us mad as a hornet. Since the curvature was so deep we had to cut the jewelry out due to the pain factor of trying to get it past the swelling. It was horrible for her.

At the conclusion of this mess the young lady left a review for the shop, only to have the owner admit SHE DID IT FOR FREE(which I think shows culpability in itself), but still acted like she did nothing wrong and then to say we were "unprofessional" for helping a girl in need and say we exploit people. Guess what? We didn't charge her anything and never would. She then went on to act like she was an upper class shop and we are out of her league. LOL

This is the second recent septum bad septum review the shop has received recently. She has been in business maybe a year and talks about her reviews compared to our nearly 300. I have been in this business 30 years and have the only scarification license around. I help ANYONE who comes to me for help and attacking me personally or my shop because of their own failures and the malpractice they committed is pathetic. Attached is a pic of the jewelry we took out compared to a SAFE size for an initial septum piercing. SHAME ON YOU.

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