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Research your Artist/Tattoo Studio People!

This is an all too common want your tattoo and you want it today!!!! But, before you decide to just go with whoever can do your tat, please read this!!!

Here I present the case of a young 18 year old tattoo virgin on a Sunday on the hunt for her first tattoo. She goes to the least rated shop in town, they've got a great location after all, and ends up with an apprentice tattoo to die for....I mean literally she wanted to die with what she ended up with....

Here is the gloriousness done by a chick with my same name(to my horror as I DO NOT WANT anyone mistaking her for me!!!! But, you buzz is where this stems from.

This monstrosity of blown out lines, and just general horrid work is what this young gal ended up with....she wasn't informed it was an apprentice doing her tattoo....and obviously an apprentice that is NOT ready to tattoo the general public. This isn't a case of fading lines or is a hack job.

What to do in this situation? She walked in my door and I cried for her. Seriously, this sux! How could I help her? Laser was out of the question for I tried to help her....there is NOTHING that can be done to make this tattoo into what it was meant to be.....but hopefully maybe it's not as horrid as it once was....

POINT IS: Please do not go on a whim to get a tattoo, especially one as involved as this piece is.....please research and go to an artist that has the experience and ability to pull off your design!

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